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Awesome to be back here and teaching _).
Signing my first ever limited edition pr

Rahul has been a practicing designer and emergent technology entrepreneur for over the last two decades. He is an educator and a visiting faculty across a number of institutions in India, as well as a prolific corporate trainer and pedagogical designer.

Rahul has been interested in and actively practicing virtual reality since 1997. He set up one of India’s first VR studios called Trimensions Metaverse Development in 2007, and has co-founded many other startups in the VR/AR space since then. He is also a cofounder of Hyper Reality Studio and is currently managing AltReal Studios, an exciting emergent technology startup. Rahul has mentored many startups into their journey of creating their amazing visions.

Rahul wears many hats- He is an artist, designer, coder, educator, futurist and subject matter expert in creating immersive experiences and VR/AR ecosystems. He is also a passionate educator and spends a significant amount of his time teaching, training and conducting workshops.

He has been studying how to teach and learn using the immense power and potential of these new technologies for the last couple of decades, as well as using them to create amazing art and experiences. Rahul strongly believes that any medium can be used creatively to tell your story and express your visions.

As an avid learner himself, he is more interested in helping you teach yourself than trying to teach you anything! The key lies in capturing the essential basics and then practicing them until you master them. It's a relatively easy lesson ;)

For example, Rahul decided in early 1995 that he would make a sketch every Saturday night and has yet to miss a single one since then...cumulatively that's a few thousand hours of sketching.


He has also been an avid follower and practitioner of VR since the late 90s (AR since the early '10s,) and still is to this date. Currently he is fascinated by and avidly following the world of NFTs and blockchain art.

Rahul has a lot of joy and passion for his work and art. If you like what he does and want to work with him, please feel free to connect with him anytime.

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